Orthopedics Medical Devices

Every year, orthopedic medical devices were extremely successful in restoring mobility, reducing pain, and improving the quality of life for millions of people. A popularity is mirrored in the global market for biomaterials, where orthopedic products led sales in 2002 at around $14 billion. Around $12 billion of this has been spent on joint replacements. Despite their vast benefits and successes, modern orthopedic devices are not without risk of adverse effects. Many adverse joint replacement findings are assumed to be caused by wear-and electrochemical corrosion-generated degradation products.

  • Orthobiologic Technologies
  • Surgical Procedure Improvements
  • 3-D Printing Technology for Patient-Specific Solutions
  • Innovations in Diagnostic and Surgical Imaging
  • Ceramics
  • Cervical Plates
  • Lumbar Plates
  • Facet Screws
  • Pedicle screw systems

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